At your first appointment, we will discuss together your dental concerns. Using models, photos and videos, we explain the various treatment methods available and decide how to proceed.


The duration of treatment can vary greatly. For most patients, treatment is successfully completed after one to two years. The cost varies according to the complexity of treatment required, which will be carefully discussed at your first appointment.


We offer you the entire range of orthodontics. This includes aligning and straightening teeth and jaws to deliver both function and aesthetics.


The need for medical treatment occurs when there are or are expected to be functional orthodontic issues arising.  Aesthetic problems in dental health such as crowding or crookedness may be corrected at any age.


Depending on the problem identified, there are various treatment types available.  Braces can be fixed or removable, visible or invisible. Certain problems can only be corrected together with the support of an oral surgeon.  For example, problems with the tongue may require the support of a myofunctional therapist and possibly an ear-nose-and throat surgeon.

Taxpunktwert: in Switzerland from 1st January 2018, there is a an updated Rate named Dentotar ( We use for our private patient 1.05 and for the people who receive social help 1.0. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us, we are pleased to answer your questions.